Important – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Are you currently accepting NEW clients?

  • Answer: Yes! Click here to schedule a time to chat. I would love to hear all about your business!

Question: Who Do You Work With?

  • I’m grateful to work with Professional Speakers and Authors

Question: Is there a time commitment to work with you?

  • Answer: Yes. I require a minimum 90-Day Contract. This will allow us to become acquainted with each other. We can then make an informed decision for a long-term commitment.

Question: How soon after I submit my payment will service(s) begin?

  • Answer: Service(s) will begin on the next business working day OR within 30 days after receipt of payment.

Question: If I don’t use hours within 30 days, can I roll them over to the next month?

  • Answer: No. All retainer hours must be used within 30 days of starting the assignment.

Question: Can I speak with you over the phone or is email okay?

  • Answer: Yes and yes. Whatever you prefer. If you want to speak with me via telephone, click here to schedule a time. If you prefer to email me, send an email to

Note: Your invoice will read, Computerize UII Once your payment has been received, I will contact you within 4 to 8 hours to schedule a conversation.