The Secret to List Building

Getting subscribers to your list isn’t an easy thing to do.  We all would like lists into the thousands but really, is it the number of people on your list that makes you a successful list builder? Not really. It’s the quality of the subscribers that produces a successful list.

So what’s the real secret to list building? There is none. It takes knowing who your target audience is and creating content, courses, memberships, checklists that meets the need, or better yet, the solution to the real pain of what they’re looking for.

While anyone can create a short report or guide on a particular subject, those come a dime a dozen these days. With the fast pace of the world today, most people just don’t have the time to read another report. Not only do I believe, but I know, one of the ways to get the attention of your target audience is having a conversation whether, through articles, posts like this one, videos or audio is what will make them gravitate to your message.

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The Sales Funnel Automation

The sales funnel is such an effective tool because it can be automated. Though it needs analysis and alteration to maximize its potential, it operates largely on autopilot, and it operates at a mere fraction of the cost of offline sales and marketing teams.

Sales funnels boil down to:

  • Content pages for various stages of the buyer journey
  • Squeeze pages that offer a lead magnet
  • Landing pages that direct visitors to take a specific action
  • An introductory offer – often a loss leader
  • Your main offer

If your site doesn’t have at least one of each of these pages (per product or service) you are missing out on a complete funnel. The key is to direct your website visitor to take an action that leads them into a funnel that has a well thought out end result. One that benefits you. (more…)

The Sales Funnel – Demystified

Ah! So you understand the meaning of sales funnels and how important they are, but you still aren’t convinced about the whole process of it.

Wait! Before you stop reading, may I encourage you to learn a few simple practices that have the potential to make a huge discerning difference in your business?

Take a look at this amazing framework for a sales funnel and how you can adapt it to create your own.

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Using Postcards and SendOut Cards

You can add a personal touch to your customer service when you use postcards or greeting cards to reach out to your customers. They make your customers feel valued and in a world that’s increasingly digital, it makes your brand stand out when you send a card or gift through the postal system.

Look for One of A Kind Cards

If you’ll be sending a card, make it something special. Skip the cheap, blank notecards and don’t go for bland or boring. You want to send a card that your customers will pin to their bulletin board or share on social media. You want a memorable card.

One place where you can find original cards that are unique is Etsy. There are hundreds of hand-made greeting cards that you can search on the site. You can even have one custom designed for your customer if you want.

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